Beginner Qigong   気功

Qigong (Chi Kung) is a form of exercise originating in China over 5000 years ago. It utilizes specialized breathing, slow movement, static postures, and visualization.

Qigong is great for:
· Calming the mind
· Reducing stress
· Strengthening posture
· Improving balance
· Increasing circulation and oxygen levels
· Developing a sense of well-being.

This class focuses on basic, foundational Qigong practices such as:
· Mindfulness meditation
· Level 1 Healing Form
· Daoist Five Yin and Yang
· Junan Taiso Japanese Yoga

Jonathan Pyndus has been studying Qigong since 2011. He earned his Level One instructor certification with the Supreme Science Qigong Federation in 2013, and is currently pursuing his Master’s Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Houston Karate Academy offers Qigong on Sundays at 1:00pm. 


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